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How do I obtain a certified birth or death certificate? 

Applications are available at our office, or you may print and complete the application before coming in. You must be 18 to obtain a certificate. You need to bring in your picture ID, or two other forms of identification if you don't have a picture ID. A certificate can be obtained by most relatives or an official representative. Birth certificates from 1920 to the present are available and death certificates from 1980 to the present are available through our office.


Birth certificates are $15.00 per certificate. Death certificates are $14.00 for the first certificate and $11.00 for additional copies ordered at the same time. There is a $2 charge for debit or credit cards, or we accept cash or personal check.


If you can't come to the office, visit and click on "request a birth & death certificate" on the right side of the page. You can find an application form on that site. The application can be mailed to our office or directly to Jefferson City. Complete instructions can be found on that website.


For further clarification if you have questions, please call our office at 660-248-3100.


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